Performance Report 2017-2018

Seven Summit Mountain Ski Club in Iran, conditions for holding sports and recreational tours


tourism in the open space and nature. We can accompany you especially in the mountain slopes of Iran, including Damavand and Sablan.


A high level of experience can leave beautiful memories for you .

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Performance Report 2018-2019


Calendar From November 2018

Showing Video Reports of “Ascending Seven Summits on
Skis in Iran”
at the 5th “Top Mountain Ascends and Sport Climbing Festival”
June 2018

Winter Mountaineering Conference
November 2018

Presenting and Introducing “Encountering Avalanche”
 Guide Handbook
November 2018

 Presenting Project and Documentary of Iran Skimo Seven Summit

Finding Talents for Natural Movements
November 2018

Holding Educational Elementary Ski Mountaineering
Courses All over Iran
Imamzadeh Hashem
December 2018

December 2018

Ski Mountaineering Practices on Shahan Kuh
December 2018

December 2018

Imamzadeh Hashem
February 2018

Ascending Mt. Guret
February 2018

February 2018

Members of the Club along side with Austrian Instructors for the Federation Educational Course of Ski Mountaineering
March 2018

Taking Participant in International Mountain Leader Course
March 2018

۳rd International Ski Mountaineering Festival
Damavand Mountain
May 2019

Events and Seasonal Calendar

Skiing Expedition Project 2020
Skiing on 7 Summits in 7 Countries of the World
Our Slogan
World Without Boundaries

(Sabalan International Festival (Vertical/Sprint

The organization of the festival is held under the auspices of the Iran Seven Summit SkiMo Club and Irman Travel Company.



International Festival


Ski Mountaineering | Sky Running



Tech Level: Advance
Suitable for age: 18 – 60
Physical Level: 4/5
Accommodation: Hotel and Hut
Available: 11 – ۱۷ April 2021

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Ski and Ski Touring in Resorts around Tehran 2019-2020

Imagine only in one trip you will ski on slopes of Alborz Mountain at Resorts around capital, the most populated city which all the travelers wonder to visit and explore historical monuments of Tehran. This is an itinerary you can enjoy with your family and friends. You can have a safe ski with your kids or freeride skiing with your friends or enjoy sunset in mountains with night skiing.


Resorts around Tehran


Ski and Ski Touring

Tech Level: Intermediate
Suitable for age: 15 – 60
Physical Level: 2/5
Accommodation: Hotel
Group Size: 4 – ۸ people
Available: November – May

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Ski & Ski Touring From Tehran to Damavand

Ski & Ski Touring from Tehran to Damavand 2018/2019

Day 1:

Morning: Transport from IK Airport to a Hotel in Tehran city centre.

Afternoon: Sightseeing Tehran and dinner at international restaurant on Tabiat Bridge.

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