Iran 7 Summit SkiMo Club

Along with the development of climbing techniques for climbers of routes and peaks in snowy seasons

and areas, the science and sport of ski mountaineering,

relying on improving safety levels and speed in ascent and descent,

while spending the least amount of energy,

using special equipment for all snow and ice conditions. Emerged;

Addressing it requires the knowledge and skills of mountaineering and skiing,

especially avalanche science.

Iran 7Summit SkiMo Club was established with the aim of developing and expanding a new,

enjoyable and safe style of mountaineering to be a suitable base for the fundamental

and continuous growth of this discipline among enthusiasts all over Iran by collecting the latest information

and knowledge of this discipline.



ALAM-KUH Ski Mountaineering International Festival 2018|IRAN7SUMMIT


Ski Mountaineering International Festival
۲۹ April – 4 May 2018



Roodbarak (Vandarbon) – (IMSCF) Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation Organization
The organization of the Festival is held under the auspices of the IMSCF (Iran’s Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation) Itinerary

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Muztagh Ata Ski Expedition-Summer 2020

Muztagh Ata (Ice Father) with 7546 m altitude is one of the most known summits in Pamir in Central Asia, over the Subashi Village and Karakol lake.

Muztagh Ata Ski Expedition

Summer 2020

Tech Level: Advance
Capacity: 4 – 8 people
Physical Level:5/5 (You must be reasonably fit and comfortable to ski tour in long distances with your equipment.)
Accommodation: Hotel/Camp
Duration: 23 days
Available: June – August

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(Sabalan International Festival (Vertical/Sprint

The organization of the festival is held under the auspices of the Iran Seven Summit SkiMo Club and Irman Travel Company.



International Festival


Ski Mountaineering | Sky Running



Tech Level: Advance
Suitable for age: 18 – 60
Physical Level: 4/5
Accommodation: Hotel and Hut
Available: 11 – ۱۷ April 2021

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Alborz to Zagros Range 2019/2020

Imagine in one trip you will ski on two ranges of Iran, From north to west. From a Ski resort Close to City Centre for acclimatization to an intact site with untouched snow in Zard-kuh at Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province.
You will Visit Tehran and its people, nature, mountains, Chelgerd which in winter is almost empty, Isfahan city of love and art which will amaze you and Lor and Bakhtiari tribes.

Ski & Ski Touring

Alborz to Zagros Range


Tech Level: Intermediate
Suitable for age: 18 – 60
Physical Level: 3/5
Accommodation: Hotel and Local house
Group Size: 4 – ۸ people
Available: February -April

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Ski Touring Mt. Damavand and Summits Around

Ski Touring

Mt. Damavand

And summits around

Tech Level: Advance
Suitable for age: 18 – 60
Physical Level: 4/5
Accommodation: Hotel and Hut
Group Size: 4 – ۸ people
Available : November – May

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Ski and Ski Touring in Resorts around Tehran 2019-2020

Imagine only in one trip you will ski on slopes of Alborz Mountain at Resorts around capital, the most populated city which all the travelers wonder to visit and explore historical monuments of Tehran. This is an itinerary you can enjoy with your family and friends. You can have a safe ski with your kids or freeride skiing with your friends or enjoy sunset in mountains with night skiing.


Resorts around Tehran


Ski and Ski Touring

Tech Level: Intermediate
Suitable for age: 15 – 60
Physical Level: 2/5
Accommodation: Hotel
Group Size: 4 – ۸ people
Available: November – May

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Seven Summit

Iran makes you dream with mountains, coastline, big deserts and golden sand dunes, tens of lakes and stunning valleys, can definitely be an adventure destination.You can have the combination of culture, hospitality, history and also great free ride ski and ski touring. Imagine skiing in lost zones, discover small valleys, then large and long slopes in the discovery of villages and cities all in one country.
Iran have 2 mountain ranges named ” Alborz ” and ” Zagros ” which has 170 summits above 4000meter peaks.These mountains are located in North and West of Country.
The highest peak in Alborz range is Mt.Damavand (5609m)
۲nd one is Mt.Alam Kooh (4848m)
۳th Mt.Sabalan(4811m)
The highest peak in Zagros range is Mt.Dena 4450m
Mt.Hezaran (4501m)
Mt.zardkooh (4221m)

we created the Seven Summit SkiMo Project for ski touring and mountaineering lovers to experience the bests of Iran by climbing seven summits around the country.



Hosein Salehi
Hosein Salehi
Sport Club manager
Experienced athlete, national team coach and international referee of ski mountaineering
Homa masah
Homa masah
Content and information management
"You also join the ski team of the 7 summit of Iran"
Maryam Khodadadi
Maryam Khodadadi
originator of sport Club