About us

Iran Seven Summit SkiMo Club has the authorization to hold trainings and tours for Tourists and Iranians.

we have more than 20 Ski Resorts in Iran in different ranges and areas with different snow conditions ,we are organizing tailor made tours for tourists due to their demand and talent including all services such as accommodation in Hotels / Local Houses with local meals , transportation, tickets , Rental Skimo Equipment , training with experienced and professional guides with rescue and avalanche knowledge.

Iran Skimo Seven Summit Club is able to offer full board packages in all those areas from airport to airport including Visa.

Our activities

Iran Skimo Seven Summit club is an outdoor and adventure club that organizes all outdoor events and tours.
Iran SkiMo Club started its mission in 2012 by Hosein Salehi with more than 10 Years experience.
The team manages the professional and standard tours in fields of Ski and Ski touring, Trekking, Mountaineering, Rock and Ice climbing, Canyoning, Forest Cycling, Diving and Surfing.

Seven Summit

Iran makes you dream with mountains, coastline, big deserts and golden sand dunes, tens of lakes and stunning valleys, can definitely be an adventure destination.You can have the combination of culture, hospitality, history and also great free ride ski and ski touring. Imagine skiing in lost zones, discover small valleys, then large and long slopes in the discovery of villages and cities all in one country.
Iran have 2 mountain ranges named ” Alborz ” and ” Zagros ” which has 170 summits above 4000meter peaks.These mountains are located in North and West of Country.
The highest peak in Alborz range is Mt.Damavand (5609m)
۲nd one is Mt.Alam Kooh (4848m)
۳th Mt.Sabalan(4811m)
The highest peak in Zagros range is Mt.Dena 4450m
Mt.Hezaran (4501m)
Mt.zardkooh (4221m)

we created the Seven Summit SkiMo Project for ski touring and mountaineering lovers to experience the bests of Iran by climbing seven summits around the country.

Iran Skimo Seven Summit club is an outdoor and

.adventure club that organizes all outdoor events and tours