IRAN 7 SUMMIT Ski Expedition   ۲۰۱۸ – ۲۰۱۹

Explore Iran in 20 days  

Iran makes you dream. You can have the combination of culture, hospitality, history and also great freeride ski and ski touring. Imagine skiing in lost zones, discover small valleys, then large and long slopes in the discovery of villages and cities all in one country.

Iran have 2 mountain ranges named ” Alborz ” and ” Zagros ” which has 400 summits above 4000meter.These mountains are located in North and West of Country.

One of our Special tours is 7 summit tour in 7 different locations which are great areas for ski and ski touring.

Summit 1:

Mountain: Zard Kouh

Altitude: 4200 m

Region: Central Zagros

Province: Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari

Duration: 3 days


Summit 2:

Mountain: Dena

Altitude: 4450 m

Region: Zagros

Province: Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad

Duration: 2 days

Summit 3:

Mountain: Hezaran

Altitude: 4500 m

Region: Zagros

Province: Kerman

Duration: 3 days

Summit 4:

Mountain: Binaloud

Altitude: 3211 m

Region: Eastern Alborz

Province: Khorasan

Duration: 2days

Summit 5:

Mountain: Damavand

Altitude: 5610 m

Region: Central Alborz

Province: Mazandaran

Duration: 4 days

Summit 6:

Mountain: Alam Kouh

Altitude: 4848 m

Region: Central Alborz

Province: Mazandaran

Duration: 3 days

Summit 7:

Mountain: Sabalan

Altitude: 4811 m

Region: Western Alborz

Province: Ardebil

Day: 3 days