Seven Summit Mountain Ski Club in Iran, conditions for holding sports and recreational tours


tourism in the open space and nature. We can accompany you especially in the mountain slopes of Iran, including Damavand and Sablan.


A high level of experience can leave beautiful memories for you .


Global Sport Talent Camp

Ski Mountaineering International Plenary assembly in Andorra

Ski Mountaineering Training Workshop

TrainingWorkshops (Retraining Ski Mountaineering Coaches) 26– ۲۹ Dec 2017

Youth Ski Mountaineering Training Camp for 2020 Olympics in China

Ski mountaineering World Cup

National Ski Mountaineering Championship 18-19 Jan 2018

National Organization & Referee Course (G3) 15-19 Jan 2018

National Team Election Camp (1st) Jan 2018

National Team Election Camp(2nd) 1-2 Feb 2018

National Team Election Camp(3rd) 8 -11 Feb 2018

National Team Election Camp(Final) 15 -16 Feb 2018

Ski mountaineering Asian Championship 25 & 26 Jan 2017

International Events: Iran SkiMo Seven Summit Project

Zard Kuh ,Dozarde



Binalood, Shirbad

Damavand, Southeast glacier

Alam-Kuh, Hesarchal


Alam- Kuh Festival 24 – ۲۹ Apr 2018

Iran Skimo Seven Summit club is an
outdoor and adventure club that organizes all outdoor events and tours